Roof Recovery & Restorations

Don't replace it, Restore it!!! At half the price!!!!!

Roof restorations/recoveries are a proven method, used by the US Navy & Air Force, in reducing roof replacement costs, as well as extending the life expectancy of a roof. In addition, they are green roofs and LEED Certified.

These systems are commonly referred to as coatings. There are many coating manufacturers, however, only a small percentage are approved for use by the military. They want only the best and demand 10 and 20-year 100% labor & materials warranties. Not all coating manufacturers can stand up to that type of demand.

These types of recoveries are Class A roof systems. This means that they are made up of several different processes/layers of materials, at the time of application. When completed, the roof system will be 100% monolithic. There are NO seams to come apart and NO penetration/flashings that will be compromised, due to laps & joints.

The best thing about a roof recovery is the fact that it is RENEWABLE and SUSTAINABLE! You can get a 100% ten-year Manufacturer's Warranty (non-prorated) that will cover ANY leaks that may occur, due to product or workmanship. At the end of the warranty period, you simply call your contractor back to the jobsite; he preps and recoats the roof, you get ANOTHER 10 years. You can do this as many times as you wish. You will never have to tear off your roof, again. Moreover, it will reduce your cooling costs in your building significantly!

Follow our Manufacturer's links to learn more about coatings.

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