Low-Slope and Flat Roofs

Low-slope and flat roofs are the most problematic types of roof, today. This is due to little, or no, water run-off capabilities. As a result, water will "pond" in low areas.

Ponding water will eventually lead to roof failure, if not properly addressed. It is not the water itself that does the damage, but the algae that grows because of the standing water. The algae will create tension on the surface. This constant tension compromises the roof material and causes it to deteriorate.

Many existing roofs do not have enough positive slopes for proper water drainage. The corrective measure is usually to build more slope with ISO board, or wood, which is expensive to do.

Some types of roofing materials that are available for these roofs are single-ply membranes, such as TPO (thermal plastic olifens), modified bitumen cap sheets, EPDM (rubber based), and others. ALL of these are not sustainable and must be torn off and replaced, at the end of their life cycle.

Champion has installed many of these roof types on commercial buildings and Government installations, in the Panhandle area.

The other alternative is to install an approved class A coating system, which is resistant to "ponding" water. Neogard & Sealoflex are manufacturers that have systems that are capable of handling ponding water and will offer you a 100% labor & materials warranty.

If you are the fortunate owner of a low or flat roof, you know that this is most unusual. Nevertheless, it is true!

Champion is the areas leader in the number of restorations utilizing the coating systems, with completed jobs on military bases, banks, medical buildings and many private homes.

Contact us for a low-slope or flat roof recovery, today. You'll be surprised at the low cost and pleased with the final product!

Champion is a certified contractor of the Neogard and Sealoflex waterproofing systems. These manufacturers are the recognized leaders in their industry and have the history to prove it.

Both Sealoflex and Neogard have stringent contractor selection processes, which includes past job performance, size of jobs and a strict financial review. A contractor can only become certified by invitation.

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